Allegiant International, commonly referred to only as Allegiant, is a professional services network.  The firm’s headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the United States.  Allegiant has over 1200 professionals working in three lines of services: advisory, tactical operations, and technical services. 

Allegiant offers the capabilities of a top multinational advisory and consultancy firm, the tactical resources of a best-in-class specialty service enterprise, and the efficiency advantages of a business process outsourcing partner; all combined under a unique strategy that supports their clients critical objectives. With global capability, Allegiant’s value proposition is to deliver clients optimal results by acting with “speed & precision”.

Allegiant was founded as a boutique advisory firm.  The company adopted the name Allegiant because the definition embodies the company’s dedication to clients… loyal, faithful, constant, fast, firm, and true to duty.  Today, with the same client focus, Allegiant is recognized as a trusted and reliable partner; delivering rapid, effective, and sustainable results to successful brands world-wide.

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